Mr.マーカスの日本探訪記 Final Message to Kunijima High School Students  Mr.マーカスの日本探訪記

To the student body of Kunijima High School:

The time has come where I must say goodbye. I will soon leave Osaka and begin a new chapter of my life in another part of Japan.

I have been at Kunijima High School for three and a half years; that time has seemed to fly by. During my time here, I learned a lot from not only other teachers, but from you students, as well.

You were often eager to show me new games or music, invite me to join in on your class, or to ask me to help you with something. I really appreciate the kindness that you all have shown me, and I hope that I have made a positive impact on the way you view English.

I also hope that you continue to try hard for success. I’ve said this to all of you many times, but I’ll say it one last time. Remember, NO 無理 ! You can do it !

Thank you very much Kunijima. I will never forget the great times that we had together. Take care.







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